SINRA White Paper

1-1. Introduction

Climate change and local issues
SINRA aims for a balance between a world where nature on Earth continually regenerates and where local economies are sustainably operated. Forests, oceans, and other natural habitats provide immense value, including the absorption of greenhouse gases, the conservation of biodiversity, and the promotion of the natural cycles of soil, water, and air. However, these intrinsic values have often been overlooked, and natural resources that haven't been recognized for their economic value are deemed worthless or even liabilities from a regional economic perspective. As a result, this has led to rampant deforestation, illegal logging, and the conversion of land for cash crops, resulting in the rapid global loss of forests that possess the capacity to absorb and store carbon.
Meanwhile, as per the "Sixth Assessment Report" released by the IPCC (The International Panel on Climate Change) on March 20, 2023, global temperatures have already risen by 1.1°C since the Industrial Revolution. If this trend continues, it will be challenging to maintain the world's ecosystems, leading to severe damage. Given that humanity relies on and derives various resources from these ecosystems, we cannot avoid the significant negative impacts this issue presents. In this dire situation, the need is not just for a "sustainable" approach, which aims to avoid making things worse from the current state, but for a shift towards a "regenerative" approach, which seeks to fundamentally solve the problems, restore, and rejuvenate the environment.
For this reason, SINRA utilizes NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) to make visible the value of nature, including carbon credits, and to encourage public engagement and contribution towards these values. Furthermore, it's an essential mission to show that preserving, restoring, and amplifying natural resources, rather than degrading them, can lead to widespread involvement and economic benefits, ultimately fostering a more prosperous local economy.
Technology encompassing “SINRA-BANSHO”.
Originating from Japan, SINRA is a project rooted in regenerative principles. It blends the Japanese appreciation of nature—a beauty and richness cultivated amidst challenging natural conditions—with advanced technology. The goal is to create a world where everyone can freely engage in diverse value exchanges. This fusion allows for the management not just of carbon credits but of a spectrum of values, embracing the myriad aspects of nature ("SINRA-BANSHO" in Japanese). By establishing SINRA on a public blockchain as a "public good," it aims to provide a world where environmental values can be freely and diversely exchanged without reliance on specific platform providers.