SINRA White Paper

1-2. The three distinctive features of SINRA

The main characteristics of SINRA's initiatives are as follows in three key points.
① Broad Engagement from Individuals and Companies Worldwide:
To address the complex issues surrounding climate change and local economies, SINRA's Regenerative NFT holds diverse values. This approach allows many individuals and businesses to easily engage and contemplate solutions (details can be found in Chapter 3.2).
  • Among the values held by natural resources, the right to monetary values, like carbon credits (refer to Chapter 2.1 for details), represents their capacity to absorb greenhouse gases.
  • The diverse values inherent in natural resources are expressed as generative art, produced from NFT contracts.
  • By joining the SINRA community, you'll be invited to events such as visits to natural resource regeneration sites and opportunities to participate in their restoration.
Through the above measures, we aim to encourage not only corporations and individuals interested in monetary value or the restoration of natural resources but also those passionate about the natural environment, climate change, and art to contribute by holding Regenerative NFTs. This approach reaches a wide audience, fostering diverse stakeholder engagement.
② Contribution to the Regeneration of Natural Resources:
To promote the maintenance and regeneration of natural resources, SINRA collaborates with local natural resource guardians. This collaboration involves support in terms of finance and methodologies related to the conservation and rejuvenation of these resources.
  • By analyzing the challenges associated with carbon credit generation and addressing its bottlenecks, we employ a method that represents the rights to potential environmental values in NFTs. Through financial innovation, we've designed incentives to promote the maintenance of natural resources (for details, refer to Chapter 4.5).
  • We engage in detailed discussions with local natural resource guardians, providing support for specific conservation methods and methodologies for carbon credit development.
Through the aforementioned efforts, SINRA is committed to promoting both the maintenance of natural resources and the generation of carbon credits.
③ Contribution to the Sustainability of Local Economies: To continuously maintain and nurture natural resources, it's crucial that the regions possessing these resources are economically viable. Particularly in various parts of Japan, there is a deepening concern over issues like an aging population and decreasing population, which threatens the sustainability of local economies. Against this backdrop, SINRA is committed to contributing to the sustainability of these local economies through specific approaches (which you may detail further if needed).
  • Supporting local economic challenges through promoting regional visits and tourism.
  • Contributing to the cultivation of the next generation of primary industry leaders.