SINRA White Paper

4-2. Rights that Regenerative NFT represent

Users who hold a Certified Carbon Credit NFT represent the right to request the transfer of the carbon credits represented by that NFT in the name of the holding user.
However, users who hold a specified quantity of Certified Carbon Credit NFTs (excluding individual users and non-residents of Japan in cases where the carbon credits are J-Credits, and limited only to corporations that have an account within the J-Credit registry system) can, through notifying the company with their registration details or by other company-prescribed methods, request the transfer of the carbon credits (like J-Credits) represented by the respective NFT on the official registry. This provision only applies to the Certified Carbon Credit NFTs. For Uncertified Carbon Credit NFTs, this action is permissible only after the carbon credits represented by the said NFT have been authenticated by the certification authority.
However, users may not, under any circumstances, use the NFTs they hold, whether within or outside of this service, as a means of payment.