SINRA White Paper

3-2. A Regenerative NFT with multifaceted value

The Regenerative NFT issued by SINRA is perceived not merely as a financial instrument like carbon credits, but as a symbol (NFT) with multifaceted value aimed at reclaiming a regenerative and beautiful world.
① Carbon Credits Derived from Natural Resources
In an effort to increase the number of users involved with natural resources, SINRA issues NFTs that represent environmental values, such as carbon credits (this includes those in the process of obtaining certification from environmental agencies like the Ministry of the Environment). By reflecting these on the Ethereum public blockchain, we establish a system where anyone can support projects aimed at conserving and regenerating natural resources through the purchase and holding of the said NFTs. Not only domestic corporations in Japan, but also individuals and people overseas can indirectly hold carbon credits through these NFTs.
All transactions of Regenerative NFTs are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and reliability. This allows stakeholders from all over the world to access the data, regardless of their location. Additionally, by adding traceability information related to the region and forests associated with the carbon credits to the metadata of the Regenerative NFTs, we've designed the system to guarantee the credibility of the carbon credits traded through SINRA.
② Generative Art
While there's a growing number of corporations and individuals worldwide who are conscious of climate change and environmental issues, concrete actions are still sorely lacking. We believe that taking action for the environment is an act of creating a beautiful world. We hope to inspire excitement and a sense of coolness about such endeavors.
Driven by this sentiment, we've chosen to embed our Regenerative NFTs with artwork that exudes beauty and coolness. Our inaugural NFT features a butterfly as its motif. The "Butterfly Effect" is a term that illustrates how a very small incident can eventually lead to unexpectedly significant events. Just as the Butterfly Effect suggests, we hope that the collective minor actions of many can culminate in a movement that enriches our world with beauty. Hence, for our first release, we've chosen the butterfly as the subject for our generative art.
③Community Participation
Those who possess SINRA's Regenerative NFTs and contribute to the regeneration of natural resources are affectionately termed "SINRANIA" by us. By owning a Regenerative NFT, SINRANIA members can join a community that closely observes and supports the rejuvenation of our natural assets.
Moving forward, we aim to encourage hands-on engagement by allowing NFT holders, be they individuals or corporations, to visit the sites of natural resource restoration and actively participate in the regenerative processes.
We believe that fostering involvement from both domestic and international individuals and organizations, and facilitating their visits to these areas, will have a positive economic impact on the local communities.
④Social Impacts
Natural resources offer more than just carbon dioxide absorption; they provide a diverse range of environmental benefits (details can be found in Chapters 2-4). Through the purchase of Regenerative NFTs, funds are channeled into the maintenance and restoration of these resources. This not only invigorates local regions in Japan but also contributes to the creation of numerous co-benefits that arise during carbon credit generation.
We strive to ensure that these co-benefits are widely recognized by detailing them in the metadata of the Regenerative NFTs and in descriptions provided at the time of issuance.