SINRA White Paper

8-2. Corporate Advantages

The benefits of purchasing environmental values like carbon credits can be maximized by using SINRA.
①Advanced Title
  • Not only can you purchase pre-existing carbon credits, but you can also buy them in advance from the creation stage. Beyond just acquiring the established environmental values, you have the opportunity to promote your involvement as "supporting from the inception of environmental value creation."
  • You can aim to mitigate the future risks of carbon credit scarcity and potential price increases.
  • By making advanced purchases over several years, you can promote your support not as a one-off contribution, but as sustained assistance to the region.
  • Carbon credits purchased through SINRA come with traceability information, detailing the species and age of the trees from the target area where they were generated.
  • We can guarantee traceability, such as tree species and age, to various stakeholders. This proves effective for public relations (PR) and investor relations (IR) initiatives as well.
  • Natural resources offer numerous positive impacts on the environment beyond just carbon.
  • By associating the values beyond just carbon credits that come with the proper conservation of natural resources, multifaceted public relations (PR) opportunities become available for various stakeholders.