SINRA White Paper

5-3. Year in which carbon credits are generated.

As indicated in section 4-1, the Uncertified Carbon Credit NFT represents carbon credits that have not yet been created. Carbon credits are to be generated through the processes of forest management and monitoring.
The "fiscal year" noted in the metadata of the Uncertified Carbon Credit NFT (see details in section 6-3) indicates the year of carbon credit generation, allowing one to approximate the timing of the respective carbon credit's creation.
For instance, if the fiscal year is labeled as "2024 - 2025", it implies that the measurements (monitoring) of carbon absorption for the years 2024 and 2025 will be conducted at the end of the 2025 fiscal year. Given that the monitoring process, followed by the verification by the certifying agency and the carbon credit issuance procedures take time, in the given example, the carbon credits would likely be generated sometime during the 2026 fiscal year.
However, please note that delays in the monitoring process or delays in the evaluation by the certification authority may cause the timing of the carbon credit creation to shift. Further details will also be provided on SINRA's Discord channel (refer to section 9-2).